I’m Nicki.

Or Nic, or photographer lady, I answer to most things to be fair!

A super creative, slightly wild photographer.

Non traditional, loud (when appropriate, obvs), personable, honest and bloody awesome with a camera!

I’m sponsored by Enola Gaye – world famous smoke grenades… something to shout about right!!

I live with my grey haired, music loving hubby, our two energetic and extremely loud boys (they get that from me clearly) and our ginger derp of a dog, Ronald in an odd sounding town called Biggleswade!

It’s awesome to have a job that takes me all over the place. I have been lucky enough to capture weddings in my home counties and much further afield, like Austria, Italy, Greece, Portugal and France.

I, like most people have guilty pleasures and bad habits… I smell everything (gross, I know!), I am a clean fiend and like order, I think chips dipped in milkshake are scrumptious and I can’t get enough of super hero films. Don’t judge!

I love food, I mean, who doesn’t right! I’m talking proper wholesome grub though, not the types of things I can’t pronounce on menus!

I’m a big tea and coffee drinker (mint tea when I’m being good, hazelnut latte when I’m not!).

Although rare now, I love a good night out. What’s not so good is the video evidence that often surfaces afterwards… who kept ordering the drinks, not me!

I also relish my quiet time too – close the door, shut out the noise and create a bubble with my three dudes and doggo, family time is super precious – then I open that door again , ready to rumble!

Anyhoo, enough about me, wanna see some pics…