I’m Nicki.

A super creative, slightly wild photographer.

I love anything different – quirky and unique floats my boat! And also the great outdoors! Photography is at it’s best in natural light!

I live with my grey haired, music loving hubby, our two energetic and extremely loud boys and our uber chilled bearded dragon Nelson in a funny sounding town called Biggleswade!

It’s awesome to have a job that takes me all over the place. I have been lucky enough to capture weddings in my home counties and much further afield, like Austria, Italy, Greece and France.

I, like most people have guilty pleasures and bad habits… I smell everything (gross, I know!), I am a clean fiend and like order, I think chips dipped in milkshake are scrumptious and I can’t get enough of super hero films. Don’t judge!

I love food, I mean, who doesn’t right! I’m talking proper wholesome grub though, not the types of things I can’t pronounce on menus!

I’m a big tea and coffee drinker (mint tea when I’m being good, hazelnut latte when I’m not!).

Although rare now, I love a good night out. What’s not so good is the video evidence that often surfaces showing a rather loud, excitable girl that people claim to be me!

I also relish my quiet time too – close the door, shut out the noise and create a bubble with my three dudes, family time is super precious – then I open that door again and let out a whole new spontaneous me!

Here’s a few random facts about me:

  • I used to be an ice marshal and once skated with David Seaman
  • I have really baggy knees! I think I have stretched the skin from always sitting on my feet!
  • I love boxing to keep fit
  • I change my hair like the wind (pink has been my fav)
  • I go to bed in jumpers (wrapped under the duvet, with socks!)
  • I love Lego, especially when it’s all in it’s right place (yup, Lord Business from the lego movie is my hero!)
  • I think confetti at a wedding is by far THE BEST part of the day (but the actual getting married part is pretty special too!)
  • I love piercings and tattoos. One day I will get a sleeve done, when I can settle on a design.

Anyhoo, enough about me, go and find out what I have done for my clients…