Snap Photography Festival - roundup of my week away


YES, Snap Photography Festival 2018! You kicked arse once again!


Boy, how fast did that week go! My second year of the Snap Photography Festival experience for me and just like the first… it left me feeling inspired and recharged and excited! West Lexham was insanely gorgeous and this time round I had heating and a bathroom… it’s deifnintely the way to go!


The main difference for me this year was instead of going with conerns of not fitting in and not feeling like I was part of a community, I was totally excited to see faces and listen to awesome talks and learn new skills. There was also a huge amount of time allocated to well being and state of mind. Something many of us don’t have time for or even consider in day to day life. It was an eye (and mind) opener. I actually went feeling pretty good about myself and work and homelife but realised, through some breathing excercises we did and some of the talks, that I have some schnizzle to let go of!


I went to talks by Ellie Gillard, Jamie Sia Gadong, Kristen Kalp, Alex Beckett and Don and Helen to name a few. Yikes! They were awesome and they have filled my head with questions and answers!


I see my time at Snap Photography Festival as a chance to reinvest in myself and my business. Some time out of the stress of work and home life and back into the love of work. It didn’t fail. It’s so refreshing to pick up a camera just for the fun of it. To take pictures without any judgement. To reignite the buzz for capturing moments. It really is the perfect remedy for a grey mind!


It’s such a well run, perfectly thought out fest. Laura Babb of Babb Photo is the brains behind this bad boy and I salute her for her energy and love for helping others and for her sheer determination in running not only a hugely demanding community of photographers but also, an incredibly successful photography business – thank you.


Here’s some snaps I took whilst I was recharging… roll on next year!